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    This website was designed to honor our brave military heroes both past and present through the gift of music. My hope is that you would help me by sharing this website with those serving this great country and their families.

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    • Thank You Music Project

      Several years ago I produced a small music project with three songs I had written, performed and recorded. The title song "Thank You" was a song I had written to honor all the brave men and women, both past and present who served this great country. Download "Thank You"

      The second song called "They Call Me Daddy" was a song I wrote from the inspiration of my 2 little girls at the time. My daughters are quite older now than they  were at the time I wrote this song but none the less they are and always will be my 2 precious little girls. Download "They Call Me Daddy"

      And the third song called "Do It For God" was a song that I wrote which simply explains how every day people can be the extension of God's Love. In times of tragedy you see the real compassion of Americans who help those people they may not even know. It's a sense of pride and love for our fellow man that's the real driving force. Download "Do It For God"

    • I have shared this song with my brother who was in the Gulf War and he was very honored. Thank you for writing this for all the true heroes.

      Mary Schneider

    • This song has been inspiring to my 2 little boys as their father is serving over seas right now. I came across the video on Youtube and I'm glad I did.

      Sierra Welch

    • I really enjoy all three songs on this CD. I purchased this a while back and still listen to it on occasion. My dad has since passed on but he was a vet so this is a special song to me.

      Carleigh Pappas

    • It's nice to hear something positive like this and song that honors the real heroes. I'll be sure to share this with my friends on Facebook.

      Johnny J