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  • The Inspiration Behind "Thank You"

    One day as I was sitting in my home studio where I record my songs, I had taken a break and while still holding my guitar I began to think about the war that was still going on in Iraq and the sacrifices that our military men and women make every day for the freedoms of this country.

    I was also thinking of how there were a lot of people that were originally for the war and now against it. Wandering what our soldiers would think if they happened to hear about or even see through TV the way the country was divided on their opinions of the war.

    How would they feel and what would they think about the people they were risking their lives for everyday. Even taking it a step further I began to think how the families here in the US would feel about what was going on.

    After all they enlist in the service not knowing if they will be called out to war or if the entire time they serve will be a time of peace. They are only doing the job they are called to do.

    With these thoughts going through my head I began to write down the words to the song "Thank You". The song is just a tribute to our heroes from the 1700's to the present day.

    My feelings are truly conveyed through the words of this song. As I continued to write, approximately a half hour later the song was complete. When a song comes to you that quickly, you know that it has been inspired.