• Standing Freedom Interview

  • On December 28th 2017, I had the rare opportunity to be a featured guest on The Standing Freedom Radio Talk Show hosted by GiGi Erneta. Mine and Gigi's paths crossed a while back when she was starring in a movie with John Schneider and William Devane called "Flag Of My Father" She is a multi talented actress, writer, speaker, producer, director and the list goes on. 

    GiGi heard a song I wrote called "Thank You" back while filming her movie. She fell in love with the song and has played it to end her podcast talk shows for the last several years without me even knowing it. I personally went under the radar and had removed my websites and most of my contact information from the internet that had anything to do with my music. I got on Facebook a little while back because of a country band I had started playing with called Renegade Thunder and this is how she was able to find me once again.  

    GiGi told me that she had been trying to find me and get in contact with me for about the last 3 years or so. So she got a hold of me when she messaged me in October. After that, we talked on the phone a couple times and while talking, she asked if I would be a guest on her Standing Freedom Show. So this is just a little back story behind the interview. 

    GiGi interviews Tommy Goodwin first. He is a former rodeo star turned Hollywood stunt man and talks about his compelling life. And then my interview segment starts about 16:23 into the show and then she plays my song "Thank You" at the end.